The legalization of cannabis for medicine, food and fibre (hemp) has created great financial opportunities for businesses to capitalize in Australia and worldwide. The moment is now to invest in the industry which has enormous potential – both as a local and export commodity.

Spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027. Australia is expected to be a major player in the global supply of hemp and cannabis, with exportation approval recently granted by the Federal government. Exported material will require certification of quality to be accepted in various jurisdictions across the globe.  

Value proposition

Australian Cannabis Laboratories (ACLabs) is acting as the gatekeeper of the industry.

ACLabs is set up to service the quality control requirements of the hemp and medicinal cannabis industries, to ensure quality control for safer food and medicine.

We are an independent testing body who’s goal is to ensure producers of food and medicine are compliant with industry quality standards. We sit between the private companies (cultivators, manufacturers, distributors of medicinal cannabis and hemp) and the regulatory authorities, to ensure compliance and verification of quality.

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Why now?

“During the gold rush, it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.” – Mark Twain

A mandatory ancillary service for the industry, cannabis testing is vital from a health and safety perspective. Medicinal cannabis and hemp products have obligatory requirements – to meet their regulatory standards, and have to be verified through quality control testing.

Cannabis testing services will be required by cultivators, manufacturers and distributors of medicinal cannabis and hemp. ACLabs is established to become a dominant force in this space.

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Join us in our journey in becoming the premium cannabis testing company in Australia, and eventually worldwide. Our business in growing daily, with growth expected to continue as the industry matures worldwide.

We are inviting interested investors to our opportunity to boost our business development, increase our capabilities and secure our market capture. Our business offers very attractive return on investment timelines.

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