The legalization of cannabis for medicine, food and fibre (hemp) has created great financial opportunities for businesses to capitalize on worldwide. Consumer uptake of cannabis derived products is expected to increase exponentially, as there is increased awareness around the benefits and sustainability of the crop.

For cannabis to thrive and keep with other agriculture commodities, it is paramount that the quality of the derived products are up to industry standards. This is to minimize any possible harm that may be caused by contaminants or impurities that should not be present.

Cannabis Testing was established in 2016 through Australian Cannabis Laboratories (ACLabs ) in the advent of legislation of medicinal cannabis in Australia, and the favorable regulatory developments in the hemp industry.

ACS Laboratories is set up to service the quality control requirements of the hemp and medicinal cannabis industries, to ensure quality control for safer food and medicine.

ACS Laboratories is an independent testing body who’s goal is to ensure producers of food and medicine are compliant with industry quality standards.  

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We are committed to provide an all encompassing analytical testing capability to the entire medicinal cannabis and hemp supply chains. This includes cultivators, manufacturers, sponsors and traders of products – to ensure compliance to the relative legislation.

The cannabis testing methodologies used by us are industry standard methods adopted from other jurisdictions (legal cannabis markets). All assays are conducted with a high level of scrutiny to ensure that our results attain the greatest level of accuracy.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, with unbeatable reporting times and excellent customer service.

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The quality control of medicinal cannabis and hemp is mandated by federal and state regulatory authorities, with stipulations on a number of parameters.

Medicinal cannabis products are required to abide by standards set by the Therapeutics Good Order 93 (TGO 93), whereas hemp derived food products have to comply with Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) requirements.

We have in depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements in this area, and our service is designed to provide a comprehensive verification service for cannabis testing. See below the summaries of the  respective guidelines. 

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